Thursday, September 15, 2011


I suspected what would happen when I got home. Wasn’t sure how much grace time I’d have. But the first morning when I woke up, I could feel it before I even got out of bed. Looking in the mirror confirmed the worst……..frizzy hair. Even my hot straightening brush was defenseless against it. Goodbye, Alaska. Hello, Florida.

There were some pleasant surprises though. My cat remembered me. When I came home at Christmas she hid under the covers of my bed and wouldn’t come out. This time she warmed up pretty fast. Guess she thought I called her bluff last time by leaving again…..for eight more months.

My mind is completely muddled right now. I’m staying in my house with my gracious tenant, Shelley. She even had a hot dinner waiting for me when I got “home”. It’s like she’s been my housesitter instead of my renter. I thought about renting a house in St. Pete while I make up my mind where to live more permanently. But now I’m thinking the road is getting too windy (that’s as in a winding road, not a windy day). I need to think about a job and a routine.

I’m feeling at peace in spite of all this uncertainty. When my mind goes to,”What are you going to do?” in that whiney tone that I recognize from the past………………I remember.

I remember how God put me on a plane to Alaska when I didn’t know but one person there (and had not seen that person in 40 years). I remember how God called me clearly to return there with a purpose but no indication of how to fulfill it. I remember how time after time my needs were supplied, paths were opened, friends appeared, a job appeared, and honestly……….God was true to His promise to do more than I asked or even imagined.

When I was at my untrusting best, God didn’t punish me or shame me. He patiently and gently TAUGHT me how to trust. And though I know we never fully learn that lesson, now I can say with the prophets of old,

“Remember when God…………”

I didn’t see the Red Sea part or manna fall from heaven, but it was a miracle to me just the same. If He could do THAT for me in Alaska, I know He can meet my needs THIS day also.

“Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” (somewhere in Luke) That’s just what I intend to do.