Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Adventure

So this was a very unusual week for me. I actually worked……..all five days!  By Friday night I was spent but my crisp new paycheck wasn’t. So today in Home Depot when I saw the round rug I’d been looking for since last January…..well, do you like it?

There was a tiny little moral dilemma rolled up in its Belgian threads. You see, I have been spending some time with Linda, who is the semi-homeless woman we met on the street in front of my house the night we went caroling. As you recall,  she walked around singing with us then came in for cider and presents. I remember thinking at the time……this MIGHT not be a good thing! But what do you do when a homeless woman appears on your doorstep during Christmas and wants to join in the fun? Uhhhhhhh…..

I’ve been giving her a little money here and there and some food and toiletries, and then reading online that giving handouts to the homeless is a bad idea. But she tries to work when she can (cleaning houses) and is living at a “no-tell motel” down the road. That seems to be a common practice of the impoverished. They can’t come up with first and last month’s rent and security deposit, so they pay a fortune to stay at a motel at a daily or weekly rate. Does that make sense?

Today I had lunch with Kristen, the young woman who had assisted Linda before, and “Pops”, a local semi-homeless man (moteler) who has been an outspoken advocate for homeless rights. Kristen and I are taking a crash course in Homeless Issues 101 in hopes of helping Linda and maybe others as well. Pops is taking us to Williams Park tomorrow where the seriously homeless hang out.  It will be an adventure on par with Alaska, I’m afraid.

So what’s the dilemma? Oh, you know. Just thinking how decadent it is to spend so much on a rug, when there are neighbors who can’t afford a floor. When I stand at the pearly gates, is St. Peter going to have a photo of my lovely new rug in the power point presentation…..the one entitled, “Why Should I Let You In?”

Talk about contrasts (see previous post)!!!!  I have all these beautiful THINGS to enjoy AND a full week’s work behind me.  I’m squirming!  The good little angel on my shoulder reminds me that Abraham and all the Old Testament guys were blessed with stuff from God (goat rugs and such) and He enjoyed watching them enjoy it. On the other hand, Paul and the New Testament guys apparently took on poverty as an example to us of the righteous living Christ expects.

Sheesh! I’m filtering. Looking for that comfortable place between the testaments. Too bad there isn’t a “Middle Age” Testament  between the old and new, like with people.  I’d be there about now.


  1. I've felt that dilemma. No answers from me either. I do have a question for you regarding those you are looking to help. Have they looked for assistance from agencies/organizations already? I know what you mean about the financial quandary they're in re: residence. Some people want to be helped, but just a little. I'm sure you experienced that in Alaska and other placed. May God give you the wisdom needed to follow where he leads.

  2. Thanks, Debby. I'll be addressing your question in my next post. It was quite a day!

  3. Kim-in regard to Linda, you might want to see if you can find out why she is no longer a resident at Pinellas Hope. That might give you a clue to more of her life at this time. Kristen is a woman I know and has a great heart for the Lord and people. She is a giving person and one who could become a good friend since she lives so close. Thanks for what you are doing and I know that the the Lord will give you peace in your next steps.

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  5. Kim,

    You are doing a wonderful thing in helping others. Don't stop helping just be careful. From what I have learned through my counseling background many of the homeless suffer from mental health disorders so it is very hard for them to pull it together or even get a break when not medicated or in some sort of treatment program. Maybe helping these people through a local charity would be great for you as well, and this way it protects you from people knowing where you live. I have met a lot of people with common interest of my own through volunteering and it is done through safe channels that protect it's volunteers from getting taken of advantage of or hurt. OK, I will take off the worry wart hat now. I'm married to a deputy, what do you expect. LOL. Keep on keeping on.

    Your friend,


    1. Yes, I am being careful and definitely not jumping into anything right away. Just feeling the waters and getting an idea of what's going on out there in the world beyond my little hobbit hole. Thanks for the good advice and especially for caring.