Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cleaning Day

Today was cleaning day. I've been going through drawers and cabinets, sorting, throwing away, the usual chores associated with moving. I tried to really make a decent path from the living room to the kitchen without having to trip over something. Hey, it looks pretty good in here. Shelly has unpacked most of her stuff and it's blended quite well with what I have remaining.
I know I'm over the worst of the cleaning by one landmark accomplishment: I did the dryer. My washer and dryer are, unfortunately, right inside the back door. I don't put stuff on the washer because it opens on top. But the dryer! It's my catch-all. It's responsible for all the change I've collected and rolled into a Keys vacation and now a plane ticket to Alaska. The box of rolling papers have always been there beside the change tub (that's coin rolling papers for all you who think you've just discovered why I'm spacey). Along with Tide, Clorox, Spray-n-wash and GooGone, you could also find some rusty nails, a whatever rag, Antkill, wasp spray and an unused flea collar. No pests disturbing the serenity of this clean place.
Perhaps my fondest memories of the cluttered dryer top will always involve the Christmas garland I bought two summers ago in Philadelphia. I think I just walked in the door, laid it there, and there it's been ever since. Every time I do laundry I look at it and wonder where I should put it. Maybe with the Christmas decorations? But they're out in the garage. I don't want to make a special trip all 20 feet out there, have to unlock the door, open the Christmas bin and stash it. I always imagined I would find a creative place to hang it while I patiently awaited the holidays. But no such place ever materialized. And during the holidays? I forgot it was there.
So today I dealt with the garland (btw, it's really an interesting string of stars that could realistically be used to decorate anytime). Can you guess where I put it? Honestly, I don't remember! It must have gone into a catch-all box.

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  1. Not long now! How exciting!!!! Praying for you and longing to see you in AK one day sooner than later. :)
    You've made it to one of my blog posts this week...can't wait to do it again! http://gotmooseak.blogspot.com/2010/09/warm-wishes.html