Monday, September 6, 2010

Dealing With Details

I don't think I'm wired to be a business woman. Or maybe I just haven't been programmed that way. Or maybe the programming is defective. Or maybe my business subroutines went offline at some point. WHATEVER! This is not what I'm used to. So many details to take care of before the big move. I'm tempted to scream. Aw heck, why not, *&%^$#@!*!!!!!!!!
Whew! That felt great! One of the benefits of living alone.
As if all this preliminary stuff were not enough, I am contemplating incorporating myself into a nonprofit organization. We'll call it "Kim's Whims". Seriously, since I spoke in church I have been offered FINANCIAL SUPPORT from various sources for my ministry in Alaska. How cool is that?????
I have retirement funds which I will be drawing from for my living expenses for the next 40-50 years (do you see a new Walmart greeter in your future?) But the ministry I envision and am getting excited about will need some support. If you've been following along you know that I am hoping to minister to women in native villages in Alaska. One village in particular stole my heart. But it's only accessible by air. I may be able to bum rides with bush pilots now and then but more likely I will be scheduling flights with the little commercial airline that flies in and out of there regularly. The cost is $150. a round trip. (Just how much does Walmart pay anyway?)
When my church family and certain generous friends found out about this, they did what they've always done when they saw a need: pitched in to help.
I am feeling tremendously humbled and affirmed. A missionary friend reminded me this morning that it's all God's work, not ours. He will be taking care of the details, thank you. (That's God, not my friend). He has no programming that can be scrambled and no subroutines that can go offline. He knows all the needs, from right this moment until the day I die, and it was all taken care of before the beginning of time.
Do I really believe this? Am I just another Christian Atheist who makes lofty claims but caves under pressure.
I'm definitely full of faith and definitely doubtful ("But honestly, God, I was just screaming at the cat") ( :

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