Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving Day

As I was reading at bedtime last night, I came across a passage in a book that talked about the need to move forward in our Christian lives and not be intimidated by circumstances. The author said that we spend way too much time saying we're waiting on God, when actually God is waiting on us. It cautioned against "turning back" after we have seen a vision for ministry or developed a passion for something new.
It was encouraging but I didn't feel it really applied to me at this time. I am terribly excited about moving to Alaska and don't feel any tugs to change my mind at this time.
Then here comes moving day! Not mine, Shelley's. Shelley is the friend who will be living in my house while I'm gone. We had agreed earlier that today would be the day she moves a lot of her stuff to storage, brings her boxes of necessities (and a few luxuries) over here and well.....moves in.
Yikes! Is it really happening? "What are those dishes for? What do you mean floral towels will look good with the shower curtain? What's that ratan table doing on my porch???"
It's still sinking in that I'm moving. I am absolutely delighted that Shelley will be staying here, but still feel that twinge of "am I doing the right thing?" Of course I am. God has been waiting on me long enough. Just a few more details to conquer, then I'm off.

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