Sunday, March 20, 2011


This morning I've decided not to begin painting but rather to celebrate the Sabbath just hanging out, praying, reading, writing and, above all, worshipping. There's no church here so, for the time being, it's just me and God together. Think He'll show up?????? ( :
I've been pondering the concept of miracles. Several things have happened in the process of my moving and getting settled in the village that are so far-fetched (especially when considered together) that I wonder if they qualify for miracle status. They certainly have my eyes wide and my mouth stuck open.
The latest is this internet thing. I prayed hard and stressed about how to get internet here. I was told by our school tech specialist that DSL was the best solution, but it was expensive with a phone line and all. So I ended up ordering the air card from AT&T. Before it was out of the box, I ran into the tech guy and sheepishly told him what I'd done. He sympathetically pulled out his AT&T phone and showed me how long it took to pull up hotmail......ssssllllooowwww. He smiled and wished me well. I then called the Anchorage office of AT&T and was told that 3G doesn't work in this village and I could expect no more than dial-up speed. I kicked myself for not having called them in the first place and started to return the air card still in the box. But that little "voice" said to install it. I did's as fast as anything I've ever used. I must be getting a 3G signal. Go figure.
I am certainly thanking God as He continues to "satisfy my desires with good things".
Is it a miracle? Probably not, but certainly an indication that with God all things are possible. I was reading Parker Palmer last night and he was speculating on the story of the loaves and fishes. He was thinking that maybe the "miracle" there wasn't so much a magical multiplication of the goods, but rather, having the people sit down together in small groups, they began sharing and the miracle was a miracle of hearts generously opening to one another. Some of you will shudder at this and call it heresy. I don't. It's just another way of looking at Christ's work. I'm sure Parker wants to get at the truth as much as you do.
And so do I. That's why this miracle thing has been on my mind.

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  1. I leave for a weekend away witout internet and I come back to find myself very behind on my reading. I cannot live vicariously through your blog if I don't read it. :)
    Loving your thoughts and photos from your new life in Alaska. God is so good, Kim! He's using you to show His glory. It's exciting!