Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Settled

I must be settled because this morning I needed a pen and I knew exactly where to look for it, in the drawer to the left of the sink. Yay! My entryway needs to be cleaned (both floor and clothes dryer) then I’ll be ready to paint. Do you remember that my dryer back in Florida was always my catch-all because it was just inside the door? Ditto here.
I’ve spent two nights here. Everything is working, especially me. Every muscle in my body is sore but I’ve accomplished so much. It’s lookin’ good. My first order of business each day has been to grab my camera and capture the amazing sunrise over the mountains. It won’t be long until both sunrise and sunset occur in the middle of the night. I’ve got to figure out how to shield the light so I can sleep.
In the process of getting this place livable, I have also found a CPA back home to do my taxes, gotten my tax stuff in order, copied and ready to send, and decided on an internet solution.
After much online research and talking to people, I decided to get an aircard from AT@T. Then just when it arrived someone told me that we can’t get 3G here (the sales rep from the company told me we could). So if I keep it, I’ll be dialup speed. Hmmmm………but I could take it with me to Anchorage where there is 3G and I’d have it wherever this nomadic life takes me in the next two years. Hmmmmm………can’t decide. I can walk to the school anytime and get fast internet if I need it for uploading pix and stuff. But not this summer because the school will be closed. But I’ll be in Anchorage a lot this summer. Hmmmm………don’t bother me now, I’m thinking.

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