Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bigger Adventure

Okay, this has got to be quick! Sunday I talked to Scott about the possibility of going to one of the remote villages and seeing what God might have in store. I want to minister to women and I'm praying for direction.
At 11:00 today, I'm playing fiddle tunes for the dementia patients at Pioneer Center when my phone in my pocket rings. I say, "excuse me" to my audience but the expressions don't change. I was just about the turn off the phone when I noticed it was Scott. So I answered. He says to be at the airport at 1:00 prepared to stay in Tyonek for the night. Some guys are going fishing over there and something about something else, but all I really heard was be at the airport at 1:00. I quickly pack up the fiddle (still no expressions change) and flagged down a nurse to escort me to the third floor where the rest of the group was playing bingo with the bingo crowd. Then I had to beg for a quick ride back to the church to get the Goose (my van)and drive home and pack up.
So here I am packing, charging my camera battery, wondering what to wear, and getting this down quick. I have no idea what to expect but I am tremendously excited.
And btw, I am also excited about returning to the dementia ward. I could make all kinds of jokes right now (you're probably thinking of a few) but I was honestly touched by the experience of entertaining (if that's the word) these seemingly vacant, nonresponsive old people. There was just enough light shining through to brighten my day (even if Scott hadn't called).

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  1. Kim,

    When you go to minister to the elderly who suffer from dementia, think of my mother! Do you know that though she can't always remember our visits, she know the words to all the verses of the hymns! It's amazing that the Lord in his goodness has burned his words of comfort and salvation into my mother's memory. The music brings her joy beyond the circumstances. One might say now that you are a music therapist! As always, I keep you in my prayers! Miss you!!!