Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Week Beginning

It's Sunday morning. I had yesterday off which was a good thing. I really needed the rest. I slept in then Jody and I went to brunch, then flea market shopping, then Target, then more rest, then dinner at Taco King, then more rest, then bedtime.
Today I got up at five to leave at six to have breakfast served for 50 at 7:30.
I'm sticking around the church here for the service. I haven't been to a service here yet (at Calvary where we are headquartered). Then I'm scheduled to co-lead a team from Texas that will be arriving at Eagle River in clumps all afternoon and evening. I'm driving there after church to help get things ready for them.
Eagle River is a little community about 10 miles from here. The Texans will stay at a church there and Emily and I will be hosting them. This will be my first "away" mission. We will have our own cook, do our own chapel services and have our own ministries in that area, although I will still drive back "home" each night and sleep in my own bed.
Later this afternoon I'm driving back to Calvary to help cook a late dinner for the teams arriving here. Sundays are transition days with last week's teams leaving and new ones coming. Lots of chores to be done, email addresses to exchange, hellos and goodbyes. Sound like summer camp??? Well... it is!
Did I mention I called my new Indian friend, Annabelle, to thank her for her hospitality in the village? She said I could come back anytime so I said, "How 'bout next week?" We're going to walk on the beach.
So now the logistics of getting there. We have a team of men flying to the village this week to stay and do service projects for the elders. They have to be picked up sometime, right??? So I'm arranging to fly over Friday with the bush pilot who goes to fetch them. There won't be room for me to fly back so...hmmmm.... I'm going to have to actually book a flight with Spernak, the commercial airlines that flies in and out of there. I'm told the planes only have six seats so I'll have to book early, i.e. tomorrow. I asked Scott how I would get to the landing strip from Annabelle's house and he said, "walk". So walk I will. Honestly, this is just too much adventure for a person who spent her last meaningful vacation at fiddle camp at a college where I never left the same hundred yard radius all week and the biggest challenge was playing a solid G# with my pinky. To say I'm stretching is an understatement. Remember the analogy of spreading out onto the extra seat on the plane? God is really making peanut butter out of me.

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