Friday, July 30, 2010

Cool Things Happening

The retirement decision was BIG! Did you see it coming? I'd been thinking about it and praying about it for months. This is really cool: Since I faxed the letter to my principal all of three days ago, a whole bunch of incidental things have started falling into place. I have some leads on having someone watch my house in Florida, I have two new Russian orthodox friends in Anchorage who are anxious to get better acquainted and talk about "religious" things, I have been invited to join a church team going to another remote native village (with no church) and chop wood and have a church service (so I'll be a little late getting home in August), my pastor, Juan, asked me to bring the message at church when I finally get back home (and I have a great message to bring), a new friend, Denise, offered to let me stay with her when I return to Anchorage and am looking for an apt., and when I cranked up the Puffin (old Olds that I'm driving)the radio blared out a song that said something about beginnings and endings that was just what I needed to hear. I think the song was actually about being drunk and getting sober but I applied it to me anyway.
Well that's the latest. Stay tuned......

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