Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last Blog Til Sunday

This is such an easy week compared to last. There are only five people here doing GraceWorks ministry. There are other teams stationed around the state, but I am not involved with that. So a few of us staffers are leaving around 3:00 to drive to Denali National Park. We are kinda camping in churches that we have prearranged with. We're taking inflatable mattresses and linens, an ice chest with sandwich stuff. Not really roughing it, but adventure never-the-less. They say the drive up is very scenic and I'll have my camera ready to hang out the window.
I'm praying hard about the ministry here. There are villages accessible only by air that do not have a church and have little or no exposure to the gospel. Scott has told me that I can help develop the ministry there if I.........move to Alaska.
Yikes! I wonder if God is leading me in this new direction. Can you see me retiring from teaching, packing up Daffodil and moving to the cold country? So many things to consider. Until now, dressing in layers meant wearing a tank top over a cami. I'd have to invest in a real coat. And get bear spray!
Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg (very funny). The real challenge would be assimilating into a new culture, establishing a new support circle, rebudgeting (which would seriously affect the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed), and really starting a whole new life. You'd have to get a plane ticket to visit me.
It would mean ending my days as a teacher and beginning a new life as a missionary. Because I wouldn't want to move here just to move (I'd never pick Alaska). I have to feel a sense of calling and purpose and really get excited about it.
I'm just thinking about this now, so please don't call Momma and say we heard Kim's moving to Alaska for good. If I make the move, she's to believe I'm still in Florida, okay? On the phone: "Kim, what's that sound I hear like teeth chattering?" "Why, Momma, that's just a woodpecker on the roof."
So pray along with me about this.


  1. Kim,

    Your latest blog entry took me by surprise! I will pray for the Lord's leading for your decision. Selfishly, i would so miss you, but then I would just have to come and visit, wouldn't I! I hope you are basking in the glorious scenery there. It is truly amazing when I look at your pictures.


  2. Live for you and God now. You have raised your family. You have cared for your sick husband. You have nothing here tethering you down in FL. If God leads you to be a missionary in Alaska, I for one, would support you!